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Auto Select Preset

The presets automatically selected by the Auto Select Presets button can be changed with auto select packs.


NAME.pack.json files control the auto selection of presets, aswell as the default name used in the generated mod.
Users and creators can create new files using the .pack.json file extension to add new auto select packs to the dropdown below the Auto Select Presets button.

BetterSabersPlugin\BetterSabers\BetterSabers.pack.json is the default BetterSabers auto select pack:

  "red": "Red [BetterSabers]",
  "cd": "Red [BetterSabers]",
  "kylo": "Red [BetterSabers]",

  "blue": "Blue [BetterSabers]",

  "greenyellow": "Lime [BetterSabers]",
  "lime": "Lime [BetterSabers]",

  "green": "Green [BetterSabers]",

  "purple": "Purple [BetterSabers]",

  "yellow": "Yellow [BetterSabers]"

Values on the left are checked against FX files' names. If the value is found in the name, the Preset on the right side gets auto selected.

For example, if a saber blueprint contains the text1 red, cd, or kylo in its name, it will select the preset named Red [BetterSabers].

• The file is read from top to bottom, so a file containing greenyellow will auto select Lime since it is above Green, even though green would also be satisfied.
• The filename2 is used for the name shown in the dropdown.

  1. Case Insensitive 

  2. Without the file extension