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Setup & Installation

Plugin Installation

  1. Download the latest version of BetterSabers

  2. Open the .zip file and drag BetterSabersPlugin.dll Into the Plugins Folder

Using the Plugin

  1. Launch the Mod Manager (latest) and press the Tools menu at the top and click BetterSabers

  2. Select individual presets on the left and/or select an auto select on the bottom right.

  3. Configure the other settings to your desire

    • Name will change the name of the generated mod
    • Trail Length changes the length of the saber trails (motion blur)
      • The optimal value is dependent on your monitor's refresh rate, but is mostly up to personal preference
      • Shorter trails/lower values look better with higher refresh rate monitors due to the saber moving less per frame
        • 0.5 is optimal for 60hz displays
        • 0.33 is optimal for 144hz displays
        • 1.0 is the default value in the game set by DICE
    • Show Advanced Options shows options that may be not relevent to most users

      • Light Intensity changes the overall intensity of light emitted onto the surrounding world
    • Auto Select Presets will automatically select the appropriate color for the sabers on the list on the left based on the auto select pack selected in the dropdown below

Installing Presets

  1. Go to the BetterSabersPlugin folder

    • Found inside the Plugins folder where BetterSabersPlugin.dll was installed
    • Can be opened by going to Help > BetterSabers Folder
  2. Drag the downloaded preset folder into the BetterSabersPlugin folder.