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  • Fix Light Intensity not working
  • Fix crashes when Light Intensity is set too high


  • Fix issue when switching packs in Frosty after using BetterSabers


New UI

  • Easier to read
  • More Responsive

Updated Preset format

  • New EnforceStyle option
    • Forces the saber style/stability. Value can be either Standard or Unstable
    • Omitting the option allows users to use the preset on any type of saber
  • Renamed Color0 and Color1 to more accurate names

Moved Presets to centralized directory in Appdata

  • %APPDATA%\BetterSabersManager\Presets
  • Can be found here

Other Changes

  • Embedded debug info to allow for better troubleshooting
  • Improved Performance
  • Rewritten as a .NET 8 standalone application which connects to a Frosty Plugin


  • Frontend Trail Multiplier
    • Increases Trail Length value while in the frontend
  • Fix minor issues


  • Export Packs using Ctrl+E
  • Fix minor issues


Major Updates to UI

  • New button in Mod Manager window to conveniently open the saber manager
  • Add author subtitle to presets and packs
  • Sabers are sorted alphabetically (configurable)
  • Increased size of window

Other Changes

  • Added Pink Saber color
  • Updated Pack format
  • Improved loading times
  • Added support for unstable custom params
  • Improved generated mod description
  • Solved crashing issues


  • Update formatting in generated mod description
  • Various fixes


  • Auto Select Presets dropdown now remembers the last selected pack
  • Add open folder button
  • Various fixes


  • Inform the user when presets/packs are unable to load
  • Various fixes and QoL


  • Major update to BetterSabers window
  • New Folder structure, user will be prompted to transfer files to new folder.
  • Added LengthMult property: Multiplies the existing length of the saber.
  • Added LightPulseIntensity property: Changes the flickering of the light.
  • Adjust default light falloff offset
  • Various other changes and fixes


  • Fixes with preset loading
  • Support for name overrides
  • Various fixes


  • New options for Auto Select Preset
  • Option to change name of generated mod
  • Proper Error checking when loading presets
  • Update window styling
  • Various fixes and QoL


  • Link to new Docs Page
  • Updated BetterSabers Yellow
  • Various fixes and QoL